Friday, 23 September 2016


"The Uprising" an integral part of  Indian eSports Championship (IeSC) which is promoted by Neon Gaming Studio & Essence Transmedia. Uprising was an All India Online Tournament for CS: GO & Dota2. 150 Teams in total participated for the event from which 2 teams were to be the winning teams. It all started on 15  September 2016 with team playing the Round of 128, which went on till Round of  8 the Quarter Finals of  The Uprising.

Top 8 teams gave their best  try to qualify for the Semi-final and out of which Team Overcome, Trademarc Gaming, Brutality & Rippers made it for CS: GO, and Team Serene Chaos, Fuckt Old Monk, Exotic Nexus & Devils in the Dark for Dota2. Quarter finals games for Dota2 were quite interesting as Exotic Nexus gave an amazing  fight but at the end couldn't pull it off. Semi-finals were quite predictable in terms of Overcome & Trademarc Gaming but it didn't went quite well in terms for Rippers & Brutality. Rippers gave a tough fight to Brutality but at the end Rippers couldn't hold it up and Brutals won Same goes with Devils in the Dark for Dota2.
After getting both the finalist for CS: GO & Dota2 it started with Finals of Dota2 a best of 3 match between Team Serene Chaos & Team Fuckt Old Monk. Serene Chaos won the series with the Score 2:0 but kuddos to Fuckt Old Monk for giving a run for their money to Serene Chaos.

Next Lined was the Finals for CS: GO Between Team Overcome & Team Brutality. 1st map went in favor of  Overcome being one of the best map of  Team Brutality. 2nd map started with Overcome dominating it but a decent comeback from Brutality which led them won the Second map. Third map was quite an easy for Brutality as Overcome couldn't hold the pressure & lost the momentum which led the map in Brutal's way & Brutality winning The Uprising.

Congratulations to all the 4 teams for securing the first and second position and marching towards the League Stage of Proving Grounds. Kuddos to the backend team for all their hard work in terms of streaming, Pre - Match & Post - Match Analysis and some great executions.

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Ashish Rane.        

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