Monday, 12 September 2016

Café Warz is pushing Indian Esports closer to you
  So close that you can find it in your local Cafe.
Are you tired of dissing people on in-game voice chat? Are you 
still forced to type “gg” even after wrecking noobs? Take it a step 
further by joining your local café.
The good people at Neon Gaming Studio and Essence Transmedia have announced 
a unique six-day LAN event called ‘Café Warz’.  Though they start off with 
preliminary rounds from 1 - 6 September, the competition will go on for 48 days.
A total of 46 teams will be competing against each other in CS:GO and DOTA 2 
and the championship will be conducted in four stages : Café Warz, The Uprising, 
Proving Grounds (Knockout and League Stage) and Ground Zero (Finals).


smell of rain and sound of someone screaming as they avoid the inevitable potholes of
Indian roads, all work in a unison, so yes friends, there is money. The event will allow gamers to play for a café owner at different venues and dates and a chance to win a
prize pool of ₹70,000.That may sound a bit low and you may argue that the Indian 
ESL rewards better, but think of this as a stepping stone towards the big boys at ESL. 
By localizing the Esports competition, the Indian E-Sports Championship allows 
amateurs and professionals to show off their hidden talents and keep themselves from 
being compared with “Sharmaji ka Beta”.

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