Monday, 12 September 2016

Indian eSports Championship

Indian eSports championship is the brainchild of Neon Gaming Studio and Essence Transmedia as a whole. It is here to carve a niche for itself & take the nation by storm. A deadly mixture of both online and offline events. IeSC accentuates on expansion of the ‘Gaming Community’ in the country and strengthening it from within its roots. IeSC is going to be all about bloody encounters during fierce engagements in CS: GO and grueling strategic skirmishes &item optimization in Dota 2. With the involvement of Cosplay, and CS 1.6, IeSC aims to broaden the horizon for the Magnus Opus – ‘Ground Zero.’
IeSC has four major concepts:-

Café Warz
Get ready to experience the skirmishes and fights from the teams made by the café owners around the town of Mumbai. Played across 12 different cafes, this war is going to be in every street of the city.

The Uprising
The Uprising is going to be a thrilling online qualifier for the span of 5 days in which teams will battle it out to make it to the Magnus Opus – ‘Ground Zero.’

Proving Grounds
Proving Grounds one of the longest and interesting parts of I.e.S.C which is going to be divided into 2 stages. One would be Knockout stage and other would be League Stage. Teams will play their heart out to get the spot of top 60 and qualify for the stage 2 i.e. the League Stage. Here teams will be divided into brackets and will be playing against each team from their bracket to brag the top spot. Top 2 Teams from each bracket will march towards the Big Fish i.e. – ‘Ground Zero’  

Ground Zero
Get ready for a spectacle like no other, with the entire nation holding its breath for the crowning of First ever ‘Indian eSports Champion.’

I.e.S.C even offers a wide range of entertainment for the viewers with Cosplay, Fashion Shows, Bloggers meet, Gamers Connect and one can’t miss a chance to see Top eSports athlete grooving on the beats of I.e.S.C.
Article contributed by OMKAR YADAV.

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