Sunday, 18 September 2016

Indian eSports Championship
 Overcome | Shabby
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Indian eSports Championship an initiative by Neon Gaming Studio & EssenceTransmedia, put forth a thought of  uplifting the Indian Gaming Scenario by raising the standards of Indian Gamers. The soul intention behind this was to show the Talents in terms of their Player Profile in Indian Gaming Circuit and their lifestyle as they chose a different & difficult road to succeed in a not so accomplished Industry.
It all started with a dream, desire & need to become the best in India and the guy who lived this dream was Crowd's Favorite Overcome Vivek "Shabby_" Patel . His journey started with playing Counter Strike 1.6 for fun but as time passed by and his hard work & love for the game emerged as the stepping stone for his future in the Gaming Industry. 

At the end of  2014 he started playing Counter Strike Global Offensive with his fierce grip of hard work & his gruelling efforts he entered the competitive scene in the Indian Gaming circuit with his first Team A4D(Appetite For Distruction).
In 2015 he was the part of the most Dominant Team in India i.e. MxB Gaming, under the guidance & leadership of Bhavin "Hellranger" Kotwani. He got his name and fame in middle of 2015 as they defeated Team Brutality and in Video Gaming Fest. Vivek continued his dominancy with the his new Team i.e. Overcome, as his earlier team got dissolved and he got paired with Anuj "Amaterasu" Sharma & associates.
Vivek has lived his dream by sacrificing his comforts & always stood up for his name & and his Team. They always say their team tag "Overcome one Overcome all" and he is surely living upto that.

Article Contributed by
Omkar Yadav.

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