Sunday, 18 September 2016

Indian eSports Championship setting new heights Mithibhai college Fest.

Indian eSports championship is the brainchild of Neon Gaming Studio and Essence Transmedia as a whole. A deadly mixture of both online and offline events. IeSC accentuates on expansion of the ‘Gaming Community’ in the country and strengthening it from within its roots. IeSC is going to be all about bloody encounters during fierce engagements in CS: GO and grueling strategic skirmishes &item optimization in Dota 2. With the involvement of Cosplay, and CS 1.6, IeSC aims to broaden the horizon for the Magnus Opus – ‘Ground Zero.’

Indian eSports Championship carried out a promotional campaign to meet the young Gamers at the Mithibai college along with the promotion of  upcoming blockbuster "Wah Taj". The humongous response from the youngistanis set the stage on fire as the trailer of Indian eSports Championship was played and never the less the Bollywood celebrities like Shreyas Talpade & Manjari Phadnis shared their love for Indian eSports Championship with their aspiring words in their forte  and called the gamers across the country to step up & battle it out for the glory.  

Indian eSports Championship would like to thank all the young enthusiast for pulling it off at Mithibai College, and with their fierce grip of love & support IeSC is going to carve a niche in Indian Gaming Community.

Article contributed by,
Omkar Yadav.

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